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SPANISH language courses 


After school online study groups



Beatriz Luna Gijón  

Spanish tutor

Beatriz is a highly experienced Spanish language teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience. She has taught Spanish as a second language in her school in Malaga, Spain, and now offers face-to-face and online lessons to individuals of all ages and levels in London. Beatriz has worked in various language schools and is familiar with the English school system, the National Curriculum, and the Spanish standards for GCSE and A levels. Her expertise in literature, arts, politics, cinema, and philosophy benefits undergraduate and A-level students.

Teaching is Beatriz's true passion, and she takes pride in accompanying her students' progress at their own pace. She has a talent for quickly engaging with students and developing a strong rapport with them. Beatriz holds a bachelor's degree in English and Spanish Language and Literature, and she also has a diploma in English and Spanish teaching. She is an enhanced DBS-checked tutor who is qualified to work with young students.

Enrique Zattara

Spanish Tutor

Enrique has been teaching Spanish to adult British residents for 15 years since he started working as a tutor in Malaga, Spain. Even after moving to London, he continues teaching Spanish to students of all levels, primarily adults, through both face-to-face and online sessions. He takes pride in tailoring his lessons to meet the unique needs and interests of each student. Enrique is an experienced and knowledgeable teacher with a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy from UNED in Madrid. He is also a published author and literary critic with over 17 books to his credit. Additionally, he holds a certificate from the Cervantes Institute of London, which is endorsed by the University of Roehampton, for teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. His classes are engaging and lively, and he is capable of catering to a wide range of interests and needs.

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  • No fees cancellation policy: up to 24 h before the lesson timeslot.

  • A typical group lesson (4 + students) is 90 minutes in length.

  • Payments are in advance after the first lesson. We charge for 4 lessons, including the first one. We will issue an invoice which can be settled by a bank transfer or over PayPal.

  • Get 1 lesson free if you pay for 10 lessons in advance.

  • All the academic resources are included in the price. The students do not have to purchase any material for their lessons.

  • In the case of academic teaching in particular (key stages, GCSE, A-level, etc), we emphasize on the developing of the 4 language skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing with the support of texts and audio-visual material.

  • For adult students and vocational training, we adapt our teaching approach to the students’ needs.


Augustus O. review on 6 Jul, 2020

Beatriz is a fantastic teacher that improves her students' language abilities at a very fast rate. She is accommodating with time, learning preferences and goal preferences. She teaches always through conversation so I became very comfortable speaking Spanish very quickly. She is also reliable and kind - overall, a great experience.

Louise S. review on 14 Feb, 2020

Enrique is a brilliant teacher, patient and flexible with lessons to suit individual needs. He keeps lessons varied and interesting with a focus on teachings that can be applied in real life. I highly recommend for all levels! 


Over the years, we have created our own approach to teaching Spanish. We are passionate about teaching and tailoring lessons for each of our students.  Thus, the teaching strategies that we use depend on the students' characteristics, their level of command of the language, their learning styles and their personal goals in the acquisition of a second language.

 We always put the language in the centre of different contexts, creating situations which can be found in everyday settings. While assimilating new concepts, the students keep using all the elements they have learnt in previous sessions and, as in concentric circles, the new grammar structures and vocabulary just keep adding. We also use the grammar-translation method to improve the reading and writing of GCSEs students. Both with our adult and younger students, we use a lot of audio-visual material which supports the learning process and makes the sessions fun and enjoyable. We always discuss the method with our students beforehand so that they are aware of the characteristics of our approach. 

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