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Rachel M. From Kexborough review on 03 Sept 2020

I started having Spanish lessons with Beatriz at the beginning of lockdown via Skype as I wanted to gain more knowledge, grammar and overall general confidence with speaking Spanish as i work abroad and never really committed to it. Each week I normally have 2 lessons with Beatriz, and in between I am given theory work and practice, with listening, reading and writing. Beatriz really is fantastic, so kind, knowledgeable and patient and we always have a giggle. I am excited to continue with Beatriz and with progress and would 100% recommend contacting Beatriz if you are wanting to start to learn Spanish or grow your knowledge and confidence. Muchas Gracias Beatriz :)

Paul c. From Sherwood Park Review on 28 Aug 2020

In the period of one-year Beatriz tutored my son who didn't like Spanish from a 4 to at 7 in his GCSE. A fantastic achievement for both of them. Thank you, Beatriz, for your professionalism and the nurturing you gave him - not only for Spanish, but the guidance to studying and working hard in all his subjects.


Andreina S. review on 3 Aug, 2020

Beatriz is a great tutor. My daughter got a 9 in her Spanish GCSE. Many thanks Beatriz!


Augustus O. review on 6 Jul, 2020

Beatriz is a fantastic teacher that improves her students' language abilities at a very fast rate. She is accommodating with time, learning preferences and goal preferences. She teaches always through conversation so I became very comfortable speaking Spanish very quickly. She is also reliable and kind - overall, a great experience.

Terry M. Review on 25 Jun, 2020

Enrique is a very experienced and accomplished teacher with a friendly and attractive manner. He is happy to adapt to the requirements of her student and is well versed in both Spanish and Latin American culture.


Pamela W. review on 5 May, 2020

Beatriz is an excellent teacher. From my first lesson she put me at ease and within just a few lessons I started to think in Spanish!! In the past I tried to learn Spanish but did not get very far. Since Beatriz has become my teacher, 8 lessons in, I have a wonderful foundation to converse in Spanish and to be able to understand the written word. Beatriz is always punctual and committed to each lesson and recently we have enjoyed lessons remotely, which are always highly effective. I am set very good homework exercises, which have helped me to continue to accelerate my learning between lessons. I have recommended Beatriz to my friends who are interested in learning Spanish and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn Spanish and to become a Spanish speaker. My aim is to be fluent in Spanish when I visit Chile this year and I am confident that with Beatriz, as my teacher, that I will reach this goal.


Frances S. review on 2 May, 2020

Excellent tutor. She works with you at a pace that's comfortable for you. All lessons are tailored to your needs and are well planned. She is very patient and understanding. I highly recommend her.

  Louise S. review on 14 Feb, 2020

Enrique is a brilliant teacher, patient and flexible with lessons to suit individual needs. Keeps lessons varied and interesting, with a focus on teaching that can be applied in real life. Would highly recommend for all levels! He helped me a lot with my Spanish A-level exam.

Caroline T's. review on 24 Nov, 2019

After my holidays in Barcelona, I started learning Spanish with a group coordinated by Enrique. It was not my first attempt to study the language but I made progress quickly from the very beginning. His lessons are fun and very enjoyable and every week I am looking forward to our Wednesday' sessions.  


Josephine (Mrs), review on 28 Jul, 2019 

Beatriz, is a very good and considerate tutor. She was very helpful and my daughter had an excellent result in her GCSE’s exam.


Matt B's review on 16 May, 2019

Beatriz always makes our classes interesting, with most of our time spent in conversation. She likes to teach the language in context, meaning that a lot of the exercises we do result in us talking about our own experiences, current affairs or just whatever takes our fancy that day. She has a vast range of teaching materials for all abilities, and is happy to set homework at a level which fits in with the time you have available, so the more structured grammatical exercises can be done in your own time. All you need to do is let Beatriz know what your aims are and she will do her utmost to make sure the classes will get you there.

Karen D., review on November 23, 2018

Beatriz is a brilliant tutor. I am dyslexic and after trying many different Spanish tutors over the years, I eventually came across with the right person. Her experience and patience with slow students are incredible. I am amazed to see how she can adapt to my needs. I was able to speak and convey basic messages from the very beginning.


Sung M.'s review on 3 Nov, 2018

Enrique has been not only passionate about what he does, but also skilled at what he does. He customized the classes for me (he even made his materials), and focused on what I really wanted to improve. I couldn't be luckier to have his as my teacher. Totally recommended!


Barbara C. review on 22 Sep, 2018

Beatriz Luna Gijon was my Spanish teacher several years ago on the Costa del Sol. I had recently moved to Spain but did not speak Spanish and was in need of help with every day living, even shopping. While she taught me the language, she also taught the culture which made my adjustment to Spain much easier. Although I learned grammar and vocabulary, she helped me most with conversation, my weak point. She used computer programs, films videos to make classes fun. I owe a lot to her, and recommend her very highly.


Gill A.,  review on 20 Sep, 2018

Beatriz was an excellent language tutor and made the classes interesting and fun. She used a wide range of media in her teaching and was able to easily adapt classes to suit our needs. WE were impressed with her understanding of the language and her ability to explain complicated grammatical points still using Spanish. Her English is also excellent so ideally suited to all levels of learner. She was well organised and efficient and her excellent teaching gave us confidence to speak and write Spanish.


Christine U. review on 19 Sep, 2018

Beatriz and Enrique have been my Spanish tutors for more than 5 years. Both of them are  extremely competent teachers, able to teach students at all levels, making their own material adjusted to the needs of the students. They are very capable at explaining theory, so it is understandable no matter your level. 


Andreina S. review on 3 Aug, 2020

Beatriz is a great tutor.


Liam T, review on March 2013

Fantastic Spanish teacher and extremely knowledgeable about study abroad opportunities both in Spain and England with great connections for students of both countries. Very personable and really encouraging of students of all ages and abilities.


Lillian J., review in March 2013

Enrique is an excellent teacher and a nice and interesting person. In his classes you meet people from many different countries.


Maggie R., review on 3 March 2013

I have known Beatriz for several years and can attest that she is a highly qualified, experienced and excellent translator and tutor of Spanish. Her work is consistently of the highest quality. She is great to work with, very professional and friendly. I give her my highest recommendation.


David A. review on 21 December 2011

We have used Enrique and Beatriz' services for ourselves and a number of contacts we have recommended to them for over 7 years. During that time both have proven themselves to be  highly capable language teachers who always treat their students as individuals, using inventive methods to get the best out of them. They are always well prepared for teaching sessions and use up to the date material and media to make lessons interesting and fun. We will continue to use, and recommend, Enrique and Beatriz' services.


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